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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Hello everyone!

It is crazy how things happen.

I am not very familiar with social media, but my client Jenell showed me how useful it can be. So I made my little accounts and posts, and thought everything was fine…NOT! I am just now realizing that I technically have not posted since February 2nd! Which is a shock for me considering I have been making posts nonstop!

Nontheless, I have no complaints. I have so much content! I guess everything happens for a reason. I just reached a brick wall as far as social media content. Now I have content for weeks!!

In addition to my online content, I also have another Group Weight Loss Program launching next week! If your new years resolution is starting a little late, no worries, you can still lose that weight! My program is perfect for those on a budget. On top of the affordability, my program is convenient for busy moms or boss ladies. You can move at your own pace and review all recorded sessions. Enjoy the support from a circle of sisters as we embark on this journey together.

I truly have a passion for this and my melanin queens. If you are ready to make that change, do not put it off any longer! 2020 is the year of wellness and growth. Do not waste another year waiting to fit into those jeans, girl! To enroll in the program, visit or click the link in the bio. I am excited to get started, and I look forward to working with you!

If you need a more personalized approach, book your FREE initial health consultation today! Visit to book today!

Health Coach Sonja

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